About Big4Sure Events

Big4SureEvents is a leading business solution provider of creating cost effective business intelligence and knowledge based business exhibitions and B2B platforms.

We understand the commercial and business industrial establishments and their growing business expansion demands in multiple sectors, thus making it possible to create leveraging as well cost effective connecting platforms in the new developing markets and meeting place, making it possible to our clients and partners reach maximum at minimal effort and cost.

We are organized primarily into core divisions and branches comprising of Business Intelligence and Research, Marketing, Operations and Sales. Our teams are led by capable and experienced professionals having served and dedicated considerable time and energy in the similar industry.

We are a growing team of professionals adding to our business, supported and motivated by our leaders consistently. Also in the line of our relationship, we have established our base in developing economies and markets through our partners, who add significant value to our business and activities.

Why Us

Big4SureEvents is a team, highly value centric to its commitments and promise made to its clients and business partners, which has been the same business ideology and vision that its leaders have been passing on to all.

It is this vision that makes us the trusted business marketing avenue maker and solutions provider for our clients and partners. We ensure the work and efforts move after sufficient energy & time is invested in research and analysis of the prospects and negatives of a project or initiatives, such that core investments do go wasted and instead it bear fruits.

We value our relations and keep on nourishing it, such that we get continuous insights both from clients & partners and our team such that we continuously solve the issues within our team and initiatives by consistently guarding the issues and solving it, to make it best next time.


6-8 Nov 2024
Accra Ghana

Power Energy Ghana
16-18 Aug 2023
Tashkent Uzbekistan

CSS Uzbekistan
18-20 July 2023
Lagos, Nigeria

West Africa Pharma Healthcare-Nigeria
7-9 June 2023
Tashkent Uzbekistan

Central Asia Pharma Healthcare



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